Power Of Seven Original Cosmic Energy Stones Special.

For the month of July we have a special on the Original Cosmic Energy Stones that were created by STAR BABIES LLC. and offered by CELESTINE MOON. What we offer here is the Original Formula of the Original Cosmic Energy Stones made by the developer of this water transformation technology. The unique formula that so many have tried to copy but have fallen short in their efforts. The Original Formula Cosmic Energy Stones that we offer have a much higher energy reading on the Bovis Biometer, then the other stones or spheres being offered by others. If you want the best in this kind of technology the Cosmic Energy Stones we offer are the ones that prove to be the best over and over again. There are so many that have discovered the Originial Cosmic Energy Stones to use in the treatment of their drinking water. These people refuse to be without their Energy Stones to treat their water. We think they work better in groups of 3, but they can be used as one or two. We just feel they are more powerful in groups of 3. Of course three will charge you water faster then one. We offer the following special for the first time. If you are interested in The Original Cosmic Energy Stones or you want more, this is one of the best times to order them. Original Cosmic Energy Stones Power Of Seven Special We feel the stones work with more power in groups of 3. This special includes 6 Original Cosmic Energy Stones and 1 Classic Crystal Cupcake, all made from the authentic Laminar Crystal. Also with this special we will include a small sample bottle of the Mystic Creek Crystal Oil. Freight included in U.S. If out of U.S. contact us for price. POWER OF SEVEN SPECIAL $77.77 Using Crystal Energy Technology
Power Of Seven Original Cosmic Energy Stones Special.
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